Manfred is one of the founders of Music Contact International. He always looks for new, exciting and unique performance opportunities.  He loves to explore and experience new cultural traditions. In addition to being responsible for the overall business vision and goals,

Manfred tremendously enjoys designing performance tour itineraries, matching up groups  with the best venues and leisure activities.  When he is not busy in the office, he likes managing groups tours around the globe.

Favorite Book: One of my favorite books must be Pepys’ Diary, I just find his everyday narrative of 17th century London fascinating! I also love, Hendryk Sienkiewicz Krzyzacy, the story of the medieval struggle of North East Europe against the Teutonic Knights

What you're bringing to the next Music Contact International potluck lunch?  Wontons!  

Favorite airport activity? Watch people and imagine where they are going or came from or reading a thrilling paperback novel.  

Hit shuffle. What's the first song on your IPOD? Elina Garanca singing an aria from Werther

Pets? A wire-haired dachshund named Pepper and a blue feathered parakeet named Poseidon

What are you most likely to be doing at 6am? Cooking breakfast for my biggest fan: my daughter Sidney. She LOVES eating breakfast  - it is her favorite meal and I enjoy the mornings with just her and me in the kitchen. 

What are you looking forward to in the coming year? To get on some open ocean water for a sailing trip.

Favorite Choral Music: Since I love opera, an opera choir piece, like the Pilgrim’s choir in Wagner’s Tannhaeuser live up to my requirements of drama, and dynamic expression.

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