Officially Sponsored Invitational Festivals

Music Contact International represents European, American, Caribbean and African cities and music associations which sponsor invitational festivals and competitions. These exclusive festivals are offered by invitation by these music organizations or local government authorities.  Music Contact International can assist your ensemble in attaining an invitation.

Imagine hundreds of choristers and instrumentalists gathering in a small Tuscan vineyard town to spend four days sharing music together; or gathering in Vienna during the season of Advent to perform for the local Viennese people amidst the holiday celebrations.  This is what our festivals offer – the chance to come together in one city with musicians from around the world to perform with one another.

Select the type of festival that best suits your group. Some festivals are adjudicated, providing an opportunity to perform for a panel of esteemed judges, such as the Days of International Choir Music in Verona.  Some are focused on youth performers, such as the Young Prague Festival.  Many festivals offer the opportunity to join voices and perform under the direction of a prominent director in a massed sing performance such as Cantus Salisburgensis in Salzburg. 

Each festival offers the the highest quality venues, exchanges with foreign choirs, exciting Opening and Closing Ceremonies and four-star quality hotels and services.  Many of the festivals we represent also offer Complimentary Orientation programs for the directors.

Choral Festivals

Band & Orchestra Festivals