Tour Planning Guide

Music Contact International has been helping performers share their music in new places for over two decades.  Over the years, we have developed some guidelines to help make your tour planning as easy as possible.

Use our Tour Planning Guide to access detailed steps that are involved in preparing your ensemble’s tour. This is a great page to keep bookmarked so you can easily refer to these guidelines and resources. We will work closely with you each step of the way and walk you through the process.

Selecting a Destination

With over two decades of experience in matching traveling performance groups with destinations, we will find the perfect festival or create the best custom tour for your group.  Talk to us about your performance venue preferences, your budget, and ideas that excite you and your group members and we will guide you through the perfect tour.  If you already know where you would like to travel, we can recommend venues, present tour prices and refine the itinerary with you. 

Once we understand what you are looking for, we will prepare an itinerary with corresponding prices for you to review.  We will continue to fine-tune that tour until it is perfectly in line with your group’s vision and budget. Our website is a great place to generate ideas for tours by reviewing the festival pages and recommended itineraries.

Tour Manager

 A full-time Music Contact International staff member accompanies the majority of our trips.  In most cases your tour manager has also coordinated  your tour. This sets us us apart  from other tour operators.  As our tour coordinators also act as tour managers, they are able to successfully execute your tour program as promised.

 Our Tour Managers are experienced travelers who know the regions intimately. They are experts in the needs of musicians, from venue expectations, to appropriate rehearsal time and space. They are experienced in caring for the needs and interests of a large diverse group of travelers away from home.
Music Contact International prides itself on the seamless execution of your tour, from the initial vision through the months of planning, and finally  to your daily experiences while traveling.  Our tour managers greet your group at the airport, stay in the same hotels, and see your group off when it is time to return home.  Consistently we hear back from groups praising the tour manager who accompanied them. For you, this means peace of mind during the planning process and while on tour.
Travel Confirmation


Upon confirmation of your tour, your tour coordinator will provide you with a confirmation packet. The packet will contain several documents that will help you through the tour planning process, including check lists with important dates and a schedule of payments.  Review the packet, fill out the registration forms, and provide us with the initial confirmation deposit.  This is our signal to go ahead with securing venues, hotels and services for your tour.

Complimentary Orientation Trip Registration

 Imagine –you are invited to travel to Europe on our tab! That is what our Orientation Programs offer – the chance to visit your destination approximately six months prior to the festival.  Get to know Music Contact International Staff, the festival organizers, and sponsors.  Tour venues, and preview hotels and restaurants so you are personally familiar with the location and quality of our services. Discuss repertoire, accompaniment, venue amenities, and more.   

Participating Directors from around the world will be present during the Orientation Program. You will enjoy getting to know each other, and sharing thoughts regarding travel arrangements and music selection.  Our Complimentary Orientation Programs support your tour preparation, and allow you to easily answer your group’s questions and plan with confidence!

 If you are attending one of our festivals that offer a Complimentary Orientation Trip, you will find a registration form for the trip in your registration packet. Please return the completed form to us if you are able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Spread The Word

Part of the excitement of travel is anticipating the trip!  We understand that during this time there are also challenges for group leaders in recruiting members and keeping up the momentum.  Music Contact International offers several resources to help you keep the excitement alive, such as:

  • Exciting graphic posters depicting your destination.
  • Suggested reading materials, movies and music.
  • Travel tips and advice.
  • A custom private web page for your group featuring maps, destination information, packing tips, music, the group itinerary, and more.